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How to download YouTube Videos 2019 – Free

Downloading videos from YouTube means you’ll be able to watch them while not having an online connection that is ideal for keeping yourself entertained on planes, trips, or simply on workouts where 4G or Wi-Fi isn’t available.

How to download YouTube Videos
How to download YouTube Videos

Downloading videos will save you the hassle if end up someplace without having internet access. If you have saved the video on your smartphones, it will cost you nothing as compared to watching it buffer on your data which costs money.

How to download YouTube Videos?

It’s relatively easy to download videos from YouTube and different video facilitating places and you can do this for free. YouTube itself have shared their own methods and devices for this task.

Is downloading YouTube videos legitimate?

Utilizing outsider web or app applications to download YouTube videos is against Youtube’s policies that specifically states that you simply are to stream or download videos from their servers. You can also be charged for copyright infringement if you use those videos without owner’s approval or for monetization.

This does not mean that YouTube doesn’t offer any way to download their videos, however, we will be explaining this to this in this article for different devices.

Step by step instructions to download YouTube videos to a PC

1. Get 4K Video Downloader

You can use 4K video downloader for downloading videos from YouTube, for downloading 4K videos you will first need a 4K video downloader, don’t worry we got you covered, try this free software which can also download 360 and 3D videos.

Check the “Launch” box and proceed to Finish

Downloader : Download youtube videos


a. Copy & Paste URL

Copy the URL of the YouTube video you want to download and then go to the “Paste Link” in 4K Video Downloader and click it.

You will be presented with different quality versions of the video and can go up to high quality of 4K if the video is also in 4K.

b. Select the Format

You can select whatever kind of quality and format you want from the list available in 4K Video Downloader, this can be done via using the drop-down menu on the left, then select any format using the right menu.

If you want videos for PC or TV go for high resolution, however, there is a catch, the high-resolution video takes more time and space (as expected).

Select where you want to save the video and click “Download”.

After the video is downloaded, 4K Video Downloader will ask if you want to download more videos from the same content creator, but be aware it can only download up to 24 videos at once.

Once it is done with downloading, you can find the video in the destination folder or you can directly play it from the 4K YouTube Downloader as well, right click on the video and press “Play”.

c. Smart Mode

Smart Mode saves your preferences and will make those as default settings, hence you do not have to go through the same option selection hassle every time you want to download any video.

Click on the icon shaped like the lightbulb when you are pasting the URL link and it will start downloading with your desired settings.

Download videos with YouTube Premium

If you have YouTube Premium subscription, then a lot of doors open for you.

The best part is you do not need to install any third party software for downloading YouTube videos and that is just the start of perks you get.

You can do this by using YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube Gaming Apps, although you can’t move the video to the different device or even watch it on a different player.

For downloading, click on the YouTube video there would a download button under the player, click it choose the quality in which you want to download it.

After the video has been downloaded successfully you can access it via from your Library or Account tab.

You must be signed into your account to watch downloaded videos, and you cannot interact in the comments section.

Visit Youtube Premium: Downlaod youtube

WinX YouTube Downloader

Although the name suggests WinX simply downloads videos from YouTube, however, it can download videos from other platforms as well notably as Vimeo, Facebook, and Dailymotion as well as others.

To download, copy that video’s URL and paste it in a link, click on ‘Analyse’, you will be given options regarding resolutions and formats for the video going up to 4K. The same rules apply higher the quality more the bandwidth and space are taken.

Going by this rule MP4 is considered a balanced approach with decent quality without increasing the file size too much.

WinX best features include downloading multiple videos at the same time. Click ‘Ok’ to add more videos which can also be previewed using little at the top.

The videos are saved at the specified destination.

WinX Video Downloader easy to use and is not filled with ads unlike other free to use downloaders. The only downside is that you cannot rip the audio from videos in MP3 format, while on the upside it can also download 4K videos.

It is second on the list because it is unable to download videos which are in 3D or 360 formats. So if you are not looking for those type of videos then this is highly recommended software.

Winx Youtube Downloader : download youtube videos

Any Video Converter Free

It is one of the best YouTube video converter and downloader which is free that we can recommend easily.

It has an amazing toolkit for downloading and converting YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Dailymotion and many more videos which makes you scratch your head and think is this really free?

It offers different types of filters and effects, then saves or burn them to DVD in virtually any format.

It has a lot of video formats from which you can choose to your liking and even has a video editor built-in for creating effects on your videos.

This can be used to crop any video you downloaded, apply simple effects on it or add overlaying text on it.

This entire process is rather quick and easy. But like all other free stuff, it also comes with its own downsides such as:

A security software calls ByteFence and suggesting that you change your default search engine to Yahoo. If you want to avoid this process go to customization setting and then uncheck the box.

Another downside is that you cannot download videos in batches, else we would have listed this downloader a little higher.

Any Video App: any video - youtube downloader

Free YouTube Download for PC and Mac

This software was designed with keeping one purpose in mind, to download YouTube videos for free.

This software is very straightforward in its purpose, is not cluttered at all and is easy to use. You can download several videos if you need to as compared to the last software and can also convert them into multiple formats as you require. Formats such as AVI, MP4, iPhone/iPod, and MKV are available for use.

You can also convert videos into audio only in MP3 format only.

When you install the program an icon named Free Studio will appear, it’s just a link which gives you quick access to all the DVD-Video-Soft Applications. No cause of worry, it’s not a malware or some sort of virus or without permission software. Don’t want it just delete it!

Free YouTube Download comes with one heavy downfall, you can only download videos which are less than 3 minutes in length. Yes, that is a BIG downside, which is why it is rated down in the list.

However, you can use this software for downloading more than 3-minute videos, but for that, you have to buy the subscription thus voiding the FREE part.

Visit link: free-youtube-downloader

aTube Catcher

aTube Catcher just like all other software allows you to download YouTube videos for free. It can also download videos from multiple other platforms as well.

Downloaded videos can be converted into different popular formats as for your intended use, you can also download multiple videos at the same time. It also offers features such as record on-screen video, disc burning, and video merging.

Now here comes the downside, this free YouTube video downloader comes with a heavy price and no we are not talking about $$ price.

The unwanted software installs themselves when you first try to install aTube Catcher and it basically involves a process by which you can actually install this without installing unwanted software.

When you first start the app, click ‘Cancel’. On second time select ‘Decline’, after going through this process, only then you will be able to enjoy YouTube videos for free.

Downlod link: atube-cathcer-youtube-download